Some feedback received for training programmes conducted by us.

“One of the best and interesting workshops we have participated for.” “Very helpful tips given to develop personal and professional life.” “Useful workshop with short and to the point presentation which contained lots of useful facts.” “Interesting, kept us on focus throughout the entire workshop.” – Intec Systems & Solutions

“Great programme on Customer Care” – Eastlink Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd

– Nisaco Furniture

– Provide Lanka Marketing

“Very well conducted Guest Lecture on Interpersonal Relations” – The Capital Maharaja Organization Ltd

– Sampath Lanka Micro(Pvt) Ltd

“Thank You for conducting an effective programme on Leave & Absenteeism” – Finlays Colombo Ltd

– Jayasekara Auto Motors (Pvt) Ltd, Kurunegala

– HNB Grameen Finance Limited

– Isuru Development Company Peoples Limited

– ASD Trading

“Excellent trainer! Every word was useful.” “All ideas presented in an extremely meaningful manner.” – Softlogic Retail(Pvt) Ltd, Odel PLC

“Useful learning for now and for future.” – Navavi (Pvt) Ltd

“Excellent Motivational speech!” – Ananda Jayasekara & Company (Nawaloka Group)

“Excellent workshop, explanations were perfectly clear.” – Reliance Networks (Pvt) Ltd

“Effectively taught us how to Motivate ourselves and to become successful individuals.” – Eu-Retec (Pvt) Ltd

“Became knowledgeable of all the important aspects to develop ourselves as Managers” – Pussalla Meat Producers(Pvt.) Ltd

– Picasso Garment Repair Service

“A very fruitful session on Goal Setting for our Organization.” – Alli Company (Pvt ) Ltd
– Fantasia Elastics (Pvt) Ltd

– Link Natural Products (Pvt.) Ltd

“It was a very fruitful programme on HR” – Mount Lavinia Hotel

“Gathered a lot of valuable knowledge to make our Job & Personal lives successful”

– Okwin Resort, Nawalapitiya

– Helanka Shoes

“Thank you for teaching us about Customer Handling and helping us to improve our life skills.” “It was a great opportunity for us to develop our career. Very useful for both job and personal life. Thanks to the trainers.”

– Challenger Motors (Pvt) Ltd, Ranjith Motors, Auto Fit

“Successful training. Nicely delivered” – Durga Ganitharathna : Human Resource Manager Participant comments “An excellent workshop on Motivation, that helped us to motivate ourselves as well as our teams as Managers” “The delivery of the programme and the content was very well organized” “The Trainer delivered the programme very sincearly” – Debug Group of Companies -Oviklo International

“Effective programme for all staff” – Chinthaka Kodithuwakku : Human Resource Manager – Singhe Hospitals PLC

“Two days of excellent and very effective training programs” – Sunil Costa : CEO – Modern Pack Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

“Successful Training Programme” – Hansanie Kulatunge : Executive – HR & Compliance – Ventura Crystal Investments Ltd

“Great programme… Well delivered!” – Sarasi Lands Pvt Ltd & Sarasi Trust Investment Private Limited (Mr.Roshan Samaraweera – Managing Director)

“cThe session was amazing! We really enjoyed & got a wonderful experience & in-depth knowledge on having a big dreams, vision, goals & objectives” “Very Organized and well presented. Taught how to focus on our goals and objectives ahead.” “The session was very interesting and interactive.” “It was interesting & you encouraged us to work harder.” – Imperial Tea Exports (Pvt) Ltd

“ඉතා කෙටි කාලසීමාවක් තුල අපගේ ජීවිතයට ඔබ ලබාදීමට උත්සහ කල සියලු දේට බොහොම ස්තුතියි. සාර්ථක වැඩසටහනකි.” “මෙම වැඩසටහන පැවැත්වීම ඉතා හොඳයි. අපගේ ආකල්ප පිලිබඳ වෙනස් ආකාරයට සිතීමට හැකියාවක් ලබාදීම පිළිබඳව සිතුතියි.” – Deen Brothers Imports (Pvt) Ltd

“අපේ රැකියාව සහපෞද්ගලික ජීවිතය සාර්ථක කරගැනීමට සෑහෙන පරිධි උපදේශනයක් ලබා දුන් අතර එයට බොහොම ස්තුතියි.” “මෙම වැඩසටහන ඉතා හොඳයි. ජීවිතයට ලැබුණු හොඳ දේවල් වලට තවත් අත්දැකීම් එකතු කලා. ධනාත්මකව සිතන්න පුරුදු කලා.” – Picasso Garment Repair Service (PVT) Ltd

Excellent Session. Looking forward to bring the trainer for future training sessions – Jayaratne Group of Companies

Excellent Programme. Thank you very much. – Zuzi Clothing Store – Kotahena

Excellent! Very fruitful programme. There were so many things to absorb / implement in the team. Thank you – Mr.Jude Fernando – Voltas Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

This is a good programme and wish you all success – Voltas Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Its a really good programme to self motivate. And observed so many leadership techniques – Voltas Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Brilliant training programme  – Voltas Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

අපි නොහිතපු පැත්තක් ඉතා හොඳින් පැහැදිලි කලා. ඔබටත් ඔබේ කණ්ඩායමටත් ස්තුතියි. – Zuzi Clothing Store – Kotahena

ගොඩක් හොඳට තේරෙන විදියට හොඳින් කියාදුන්නා. ජීවිතයට් වටිනා යමක් ඉගෙනගත්තා. – Zuzi Clothing Store – Kotahena

The programme held at our company was excellent and successful. We appreciate it! – D.S.L Senaratne (Manager, Rathnasiri Fernando & Co. Pvt Ltd) 

Great and sucessful training for ACE staff. It helps to increase employee productivity and efficiency – M.W.A Maduranga (Assistant Manager-HR, Ace Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd)

The program was very important for staff – S.W.M.D Chameera (Safety Officer – S and D Chemical (Pvt) Ltd)

The training is satisfactory and recommended for others – P. A Ruwani Perera (Manager – Human Resources – Joint Agri Products Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd)

The programme is very informative an effective whihc gave a lot of knowledge on Competency Building Very successful programme. Thanks to Ms. Tharanga & Buddhini for their commitment & effort – Madhuri Suriyarachchi (Human Resources Manager – Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd)

Excellent Program and well presented. This is the first of many such programmes we lan to cnduct in our organization. The feedback I has from the participants during the Tea Break clearly indicates that the programme was well recieved by all. – The Management (Ceylon Tea Plantations (Pvt) Ltd)

Today’s training session was incredibly productive and motivating. We tracked challenges with determination & teamwork, pushing ourselves to new heights. Looking forward to more programes like this.- Dockyard General Engineering Services

Today’s training session was a really productive and engaging event. Staff were really engaged with the session as Tharanga was conducting it in that manner. Motivation, Team Work, Building Positive Attitudes were delivered in a very limited period of time. Looking forward to work with you again.- Udani Bandaranayake – Senior Manager – HR – The Associated Newspapers of (Cey) Ltd

Excellent programme. Interactive session and need to work with you in future as well. Nalin Kalage – Ceylon Oxygen Ltd.

Got a valuable experience in Personal Development, Career Achievement & Job Success. Looking forward to get more training programmes from you & we wish you & your company all the best for your future endeavors. – Kasun Dissanayake – Factory manager Eco Solve Pvt Ltd

Very productive and engaging session. Facilitators were well prepared and conducted the training effectively. – Sohani Wijesuriya – Senior Talent Development Executive, Abans PLC

Today evening session was successful. I think it was useful for our employees to motivate  and improve their skills. – Idusha Pawan Sharinnda – Assistant Manager HR & Admin, Gestetner of Ceylon PLC

Very inspirational! “Motivation starts from self”. Great thinking. Thank you – Kithsiri Athukorala – Printcare PLC, Kelaniya

Very important motivational program and helpful to us. Thank you. – Dilani Dilrukshi – SAW Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

“The training was so good & got so much knowledge about the work-life balance.”

“Excellent programme. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts that you shared with us. It will be very useful to us to plan our life (Future)” – From the participants of the Women’s Day Training sessions 8th March 2024 (Printcare PLC, SAW Engineering (Pvt) Ltd)

General comments received from public workshops

“Very useful and practical programme.”

“Strong, Clear & very lively presentation delivery.”

“Changed our attitude and helped to think positively.”

“Practical and real life examples given.”

“Extremely useful information given for professional development.”

“Excellent presentation style.”

“Gathered valuable knowledge that can be practically put in to action.”

“I gained good knowledge from this workshop. It was conducted very well.”

“Very useful & learned a lot. Very clearly presented.”

“This was very useful for us to collaborate our knowledge with our office members and family and corporate world. Appreciate your teachings & sharing your knowledge with us!”

“සාම්ප්‍රදායික පුහුණු වැඩමුලුවකින් තොරව, ක්‍රියාකාරකම් සහිතව මෙම වැඩසටහන පැවැත්වීම නිසා, ඒකාකාරී හැඟීමකින්, අලස බවින් තොරව දවස ඵලදායි ලෙස ගතකිරිමට හැකි විය.”

“Covid වසංගතය හමුවේ අඩපන වී තිබු රැකියා කාර්යක්ෂමතාවය නැවත ඇතිකිරීම සඳහා මෙම වැඩමුළුව ඉතා වටී.”

“රාජ්‍ය සේවයේ අප බොහෝවිට පුහුණුව ලබන්නේ රාජකාරි වලට අදාල දැනුම පමණි. මෙවැනි පෞද්ගලික හා රාජකාරි කටයුතු වලට අදාලව නිපුණතා සංවර්දන, ආකල්ප ගොඩනැගීමේ වැඩසටහනකට සහභාගී වීමට ලැබීම සතුටක්.”

“ඉතාමත් සාර්ථක දිනයක්. රැකියාවත් සමග ඒකාකාරී වුන ජීවිතයට නව පියවරක්. ජීවිතයට එකතුකරගත් දේ බොහොමයි”

“Spent a valuable day learning important facts to have a successful career!”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

“ඉතාමත් විශිෂ්ට ආකාරයේ වැඩසටහන් ලෙස හඳුන්වා දිය හැකිය. මෙවැනි වැඩසටහන් තවදුරටත් පැවත්වන්නට හැකීනම් ඉතාමත් අගනේය.”

“This is the best training programme for who is willing to be successful. The trainer is the best motivator. We wish you and your company a bright future and continuous success.”

“Very pleased with your commitment in sharing your knowledge.” “Very fruitful training. Got so many points to develop leadership, motivation, positive attitudes and many other things. Thank you very much!”

‘ඉතාමත් හොඳ වැඩසටහනක්. අප යොදාගෙන නොතිබූ ගොඩක් දේ අපගේ ආයතනයට යොදාගත හැකි වන අතර ඉන් යහපත් ප්‍රථිපල ලබා ගත හැකි බවට විශ්වාස වේ.’

‘ආකල්ප වැඩිදියුණු වුනා. මාගේ දුර්වලතා හඳුනාගත්තා. ඇත්තටම හොඳ වැඩසටහනක්.’

‘යම් යම් අඩුපාඩු සිදුවුවත් ජීවිතයට ඉදිරියට යාම සඳහා ඉතා හොඳ අධ්‍යනයක් ලබාගත්තා.’

‘මෙම වැඩසටහනේ අපහට ලබාදුන් කරුණු අප ජීවිතය සාර්ථක කරගැනීමට ඉතා වැදගත් බව සතුටින් දන්වා සිටිමි ‘

Overall, the training is very good. Presentation was interesting and clear.

“With the current country situation, it s hard to do in-house training for most of the companies. So this type of trainings gives a good solution for companies which are looking for opportunities to develop their employees”

“ඉතා සාර්ථක වැඩසටහනක්. රැකියාවට, පෞද්ගලික අවශ්‍ය දැනුම ලබා ගැනීමට හැකියාව ලැබුණා. ක්‍රියාකාරකම් තුලින් එකමුතුව වැඩකිරීමට ලැබුණා.”

“It was a good programme to improve our knowledge regarding objectives, goals and vision. How to achieve in personal life and in the organization.”

“ඉතා වැදගත් හරවත් දැනුමක් ලබාදුන් වටිනා පැය කිහිපයක්. ජීවිතයට, රැකියාවට අද දින යමක් එකතු කරගතහැකි වීම සතුටට කරුණක්.”

“ඉතා වැදගත් හරවත් දැනුමක් ලබාදුන් වටිනා පැය කිහිපයක්. ජීවිතයට, රැකියාවට අද දින යමක් එකතු කරගතහැකි වීම සතුටට කරුණක්.”

“පැය 3 වැනි කෙටි කාලයකදී විශාල දැනුමක් ලබා දීම පිළිබඳව සතුටු වෙමි.”

“ආත්ම විශ්වාසය ගොඩනගාගැනීමට හොඳ අදහස් ඇතිව පවත්වනලද දේශනය ඉතා වැදගත්”

“I improved my knowledge. And Thank you so much for this opportunity and we can use this to personal life and job. To do list is very important to me and time management is very useful to our personal life.”

“Today I learnt very important things to my life. The trainer explained very well. I enjoyed the training programme.”

“ආයතනයක වැඩකටයුතු කිරීම සඳහා ඉතාමත් හොඳ කරුණු කතාකිරීමට අවස්ථාවක් ලැබුණු අතර සේවකයින් සමග වැඩකටයුතු කරන ආකාරය පිළිබඳව අවබෝදයක් ලබාගැනීමට මෙම වැඩමුළුවෙන් හැකිවිය.”

“The ideal workshop for those who wish to build up successful life in both job and personal life. Wish all the best to eSolve”

“Really very good, planned workshop. Did not expect this much. I thought this also will be the same as other workshop (only verbal). But here I really enjoyed the entire workshop. Thank you so much for your guidance.”

“Very good session Points regarding organizing, communication, planning were very important and useful.”

“හොඳ ඉගැන්වීමක්. ජීවිතය ජයගන්න හොඳ දේවල් ලබාගත්තා ඔබ කරන්නාවූ මෙම වැඩසටහන් වලට ජයෙන් ජය.”

“The programme is perfect. I learnt a lot of new things from this programme. Thank you so much to eSolve Business Solutions”

“ගොඩක් සතුටුයි මේවගේ වැඩසටහනකට සහබාගිවීම ගැන. ජීවිතයට අවශ්‍ය ගොඩක් කාරණා දැන ගැනීමට හැකිඋනා.”

“ඉදිරි ජීවිතය ජයගන්නා ආයතනික ක්‍රියාවක් සඳහා මෙයින් ලබාගත් දැනුම භාවිතා කිරීමට කටයූතු කරමි.”

“It was a god programme and I was able to learn a lot of things. Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity to learn more.”

“Iám very greatful to both of you for giving a very important and enlightening session. May you both find strength and courage to deliver such sessions. Thank you for the session.”

“Very effective. Thanks for the opportunity.”

“ඔබ ආයතනය විසින් සපයනු ලබන සේවාව ඉතා විශිෂ්ටයි. හොඳ දැනුමක් ලබුනා. ජීවිතයට හොඳ ආදර්ශයක් ලැබුණා.”

“It’s a very good session for everyone! Thank you! Normally, I’m a person who fear to take challenges. After this session at least I’ll try to take challenges and face them successfully.”